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in gamification.

Flow, Fun and Well-being
Optimized Learning
Motivation and Engagement
Feedbacks in real time
Self-esteem and Meritocracy
Maximized Results

We apply
the secrets of games
in your activity, service or
product for
it produces the effects
listed above.

Every game is an activity with rules and challenges, exercised by one or more people in pursuit of a goal.

If you reflect, you will see that almost all human activities have these same characteristics of the games.

If so, why are not many activities in our lives as close to fun as games?

One answer is simple: because they were not designed by a game designer. Have you thought of that?

Education & Training

We design and develop games for formal education, development of specific skills or learning, motivational changes and skill assessment.

Advertising & Marketing

We design and develop gamified dynamics and advergames to launch products and services, customer loyalty, branding, promotional events, awareness campaigns, etc.

Health & Wellness

We design and develop, together with specialists, games and gamified apps that help development and maintenance of healthy habits and therapeutic and rehabilitation processes.

Human Resources

We create games for training, setting and changing culture, and gamified systems that automate processes and, in a healthy and fun way, increase engagement and productivity.

Our differentials

Differential nº

01 Specialty

We were born and developed with the DNA of our founder and leader, who, as Game Designer, always saw fun as a great way to reach other ends. We are the extension of his career, dedicated to serious games and gamification in general.

Differential nº

02 Versatility

We design and develop for any physical or digital media. Our business model is flexible to adapt to projects of any nature and size, from board games to VR experiences, from a local school to multinational companies.

Differential nº

03 Laboratory

We are from industry, but we believe in integration with the academic universe as the best strategy for innovation. Thus we created a Gamification Laboratory in the Infnet Institute to develop pilot projects with students.

Differential nº

04 Design

Our Design process is the result of 3 years of research, in the undergraduate and the Master of Design of PUC-Rio, dedicated to the search of the best way to design games for learning purposes.

In addition to educational games, other types of serious games also work their goals through their players' learnings during the matches. Thus, in the 5 years following the research, +70 serious games were designed by Leandro Costa with his method, sold by the company in which he worked as a game designer (full time) and published / applied by Its buyers - Globosat, Brazil Game Show, Coca-Cola, Ibmec, Diamond Films, UOL and others.

The research became this book, which became an important reference for game designers and education professionals.

Link to get it on google play
Link to get it on Apple Books

There is no form of work as productive as that which generates fun in producing.

We want to show the world that this is real, that this way of doing exists and is possible for any activity that targets some type of productivity: teaching-learning, work in general, rehabilitation, physical exercises, social communication, etc.

For this, we created Ludilens in 2016, initially with the name of GDWays and providing game design services as a whole, including gamification. At 2018, however, the demands on gamification grew and we decided to focus on our specialty, changing our brand in 2019 to Ludilens.

Leandro Costa, lead game designer

Customers & Partners


One of the most honest and dedicated professionals I know. When we work together, he has consistently brought new points of view and creative solutions to the challenges, always giving attention to all involved (users, client and team).

Pedro ThiersSenior Game Designer, Gazeus Games

Leandro was one of the first game designers to whom I knew I could delegate tasks with confidence.

Adrian LaubischCEO, Aiyra

[About the book] An obligatory and extremely illuminating reading of the area of ​​games and education.

Rafael Baptistella LuizProfessor of Digital Games and Pedagogy, Positivo University

I consider pioneering the research of Leandro Costa. I highly recommend his book.

Fabiano NaspoliniEditor-in-chief, FabricadeJogos.net

Leandro did an excellent job, not only designing the gamification, but interfering for the better in the design of the experience as a whole, making the interaction much more intuitive and engaging.

André FalcãoChief Technology Officer, AKOM Studio
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